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From the moment you experience Charli LaToven’s powerful and captivating vocal delivery, you may very well be overwhelmed with a sudden rush of excitement- comparable to that which people might have felt the first time they heard or discovered an Etta James or Aretha Franklin right in their hometown.


That is the kind of nostalgic impression audiences encounter at many of her performances. Charli effortlessly embodies the natural raw talent, passionate, and genuine artistry that many great singers of our past possessed. This is one of the many reasons she is such a sought out and signature vocalist, in an age where technology has stripped the essence of a live performance.


A truly gifted Soprano- her vocal ability with an impressive four octave vocal range that sits in line with some of the most notable singers within the music industry (Christina Aguilera, Kelly Clarkson, Whitney Houston, and Aretha Franklin) has won her multiple prestigious first place awards, locally, as well as nationally televised.


Her Italian and South American ancestry has honored her the ability to perform on diverse musical platforms making her an exotic trilingual sensation. A versatile singer, capable of rendering multiple musical styles, makes for the well rounded entertainer she is today.


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Ladies and Gentlemen get ready to enjoy some of music’s greatest hits...